the subject line is the first thing your recipients see. It’s your digital first impression, your only chance to grab their attention before they move on.

So what do you think will get your customers to click on your email when they have tons of emails waiting?

What do you need to make your emails more likely to be opened and read?

Let me tell you, you need a Clickable Email Subject Line!

how to get and craft that? just stick with me!

so first

why subject line matter ?

The answer is simply that the subject line in the email is like the cover of a book, it is your only chance to attract the attention of customers to enter your email, it must be exciting and attractive and at the same time understandable and clear, this seems difficult but believe me it is simpler than you think.

Take this info, nearly 50% of emails get clicked solely because of the subject line.

and 69% report email as spam based on the subject line alone. 

Clearly, that is something to get scare off but don’t worry, i will show you to write a clickable email subject line without get on the spam list.

The basics of a clickable email subject line

There are five purposes that your subject lines should have:

  • Relevance: Your subject line must resonate with your audience. If it’s not relevant, it’s not going to get clicked.
  • Urgency: A sense of urgency can prompt immediate action. But beware of overdoing it; too much urgency can come off as spammy.
  • Curiosity: Pique their interest without giving everything away. A little mystery can go a long way.
  • Clarity: Be clear about what your email is about. No one likes clickbait.
  • Personalization: Personalized subject lines can increase open rates by 26%. Use your recipient’s name or tailor the content to their interests.

Clickable Email Subject Line Tips and Tricks

Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you create subject lines that get clicked:

1. Be Short and Sweet in Your Subject Line

    Email subject lines that are too long get cut off on mobile devices and sometimes on laptops. Aim for 7 to 12 words or around 65 characters. For example:
  • “Flash Sale: 38% Off All Girls gadgets Today Only”
  • “Your Mars Newsletter Is Here!”

2. Numbers and Lists Are Important


Numbers always stand out  and can give your subject line a sense of order and predictability.

People love lists because they give a promise of a quick, easy information. take these Examples :

  • “11 Tips to Boost Your Instagram “
  • “Top 5 Spring Travel Destinations in MOROCCO “

3. Questions


Readers engage with Questions that make them curious about the answer. So your question should be relevant to the content of your email:

  • “Are You Making These,  Content Creation Mistakes?”
  • “Ready For Your Next Move About Your Youtube chanel?”

4. Include Emojis (Not Always)


Emojis are a fun element to your clickable email subject lines, they help them stand out. Just don’t overdo it—one or two emojis per subject line is enough. Examples:

  • “🎉 You’re Invited to Our Year-End Party!”
  • “📢 Last Chance to Register!”

5. Give A Sense of Urgency


Words like “Last Day,” “Now,” “Limited Chance,” and “Last Offer” encourage immediate action. but, use urgency sparingly to avoid appearing desperate or spammy:

  • “Last Chance: 50% Off Ends Tonight”
  • “Hurry Up! Only a Few Ticket Left”

6. Personalize Your Email Subject Lines


Using the recipient’s name, nickname or referring to previous behavior like purchases makes your emails personalized and relevant. Like:

  • “Mr James, Don’t Miss Out on This Exclusive Of Discount!”
  • “We Thought You’d Like These New Arrivals”

7. A/B Testing


A/B testing involves sending two versions of your email with different subject lines to see which performs better. Tools like GesResponse and Constant Contact make this easy to do.

Clickable Email Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes you improve how you present your subject lines but are surprised that you do not see any increase in the open rate of the email sent.

So I’m going to highlight some common mistakes you should avoid making while crafting clickable email subject lines.

1. Being Too fuzzy

The subject line should not be too Fozzy. Avoid sending titles like “Click to see”, or “There is important information inside”. Such lines are vague to the recipient, they will most likely not click on them.

2. Capital Letters and Exclamation Marks

It looks great to use capital letters and exclamation marks in subject lines, they give a sense of suspense and excitement.


but be careful not to fall into the spam trap, a capital letter at the top of each word and one exclamation mark is enough to make the subject line look exciting and not suspicious

3. Clickbait

Promising something in your subject line that your email doesn’t deliver is a surefire way to lose trust. Be honest and accurate in your descriptions.

4. Subject Lines For Mobile Users

It’s important to make sure your subject lines look good on small screens. Keep them short and concise, as over half of email users read their messages on small screens.

So this is it!


The last thing I have to tell you about Crafting clickable emil subject line is that you need to have a deep understanding of your audience, have a little creativity.


Think outside the box, and be willing to test and tweak until you find what works best for you. Your subject line is your chance to make a great first impression, so make it worthy of praise.

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