Maybe you create several products and list them on Etsy, waiting for sales.

Or you already have some sales, but you feel that they are few compared to the quality of your product.

Do you want to master the art of selling on Etsy to the extent that any product you put on the website achieves high sales?”

Here in this topic, I will present to you 5 of the best etsy  seo tool. 

To make the topic also suitable for beginners who are looking for their first sales in their stores on Etsy website.

I will display the free tools. (known as Etsy rank)

This website is not free, but it has a very strong free plan.

The founder of this website is a former employee at Microsoft named Anthony Wolf, who specialized in developing search engines.

The funny thing is that Anthony founded this website to help his wife achieve more sales in her store on Etsy platform.

This website has more than thirty features, the most prominent of which is : 

the keyword tool – compare keyword – rank checker – category tool  – profit calculator – hashtag generator.

The thing that may not suit everyone is that this website can only provide data related to eight countries.

But I do not think this is an obstacle these countries are Australia, France, India, Britain, the USA, the UK, and finally the European Union.

The tool you will use most is the keyword tool. It is free but limited. You will only benefit from these things:


And also the category tool works well.

The essence of this website is that if you are one of those who make sales on Etsy, the free plan of this website will not benefit you. However, if you decide to subscribe to it, you will benefit from all its advantages and you will definitely benefit from it clearly.

This website does not have a free plan, but before you rush and jump to the old website, wait a little bit. This website offers a full trial period for all website tools for up to 14 days.

This site has very powerful tools for determining the interactivity level of the keywords.

Seasonality: know how keywords are going to perform by looking at over 12 months of preformance and a 3 month forecast.

Real engagement: see how many unique visits a keyword is expected to generate over the next 30 days from real shoppers.

Long Tail: powerful machine learning behind the scenes studies keywords to put your listings in a better spot for being sold.

Real search volume: see how many searches a keword is expected to have from real shoppers over the next month.

Side By Side: compare search phrase metrics side by side to identify the best ones to focus on.

There are many features  that I will not mention here, but in summary, if you know how to take advantage of it during that trial period, you will definitely achieve sales on the Etsy platform.

this website is created by DONALD FARMER and his partner WADE CHEUNG.

This website has a free plan which I believe is suitable for beginners on the Etsy platform.

 However, with the free plan, your usage of the website will be limited.

This website has a very impressive design for displaying data.

It presents it in a clear and visually pleasing manner

that is easy to understand, and it is also comprehensive,

so you won’t have to jump from page to page to find information.

etsyhunt keywordtool

This is the conclusion of this post. If you are a beginner on Etsy platform, I think these three websites will help you achieve your first sales.

best regards from S.NASSIRI

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